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The illustration in the 1/144 HG ZZ Gundam is done by none other than Hajime
Katoki (with the exception of the centerfold--that's done by Okawara). On
the surface, it looks fairly similar to what Hajime Katoki did awhile
back--keeping the legs a less flared while the body more intone.

ZZ Gundam is a toughie because of the transformation aspect. There are very
few Gundams that transform, save tear itself into 3 parts.

I must say that it is much better proportioned than any of the previous ZZ
Gundam incarnations. I want that kit.

And the Alex

And the GMS.

And the Super Gundam--to complete the Gundam Team.

Dern Shame that Type-100 won't be MGified. Well, gotta snap up HGUC at

Y. "I'm pumped up and beefy!" Choe

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>I dunno about you guys...but I think I won't be getting that MG ZZ after
>all...it looks too tall or not as wide as I think it should be (my
>reference is a 1/144 FAZZ)...anyway, I guess I'll conclude when I see it

Hmmmm...I actually see some of the features from that blow-up illustration
in the HG 1/144 manual in this kit. who did that illustration? This kit
actually looks like a revamped version of the old 1/100, in second look. I
will still buy it though, so I can have both old and new kits side by side.

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