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 I think Richie's got a good point here, and it's a conclusion I had pretty
 much reached when Gundam X came out... the Gundam design style as we know it
 is WORN OUT. Just _how many more_ times can we slightly alter the body
 style and weapons just enough to still keep it recognizable as a
 "traditional" Gundam, and give Bandai an excuse to make and sell yet another
 model kit or toy? (And don't EVEN get me started on G-Gundam...) >>

I totally agree. The Gundam designs are very similar. Actually, I really like
the Turn A now. I have an urge to take it off my shelf and repose it and mess
around with it, at least once a day. I am also going to buy the MS In Action
Turn A figure, the diecast or whatever it will be made of, Turn A, and the
1/100 kit. For some reason I can't find, I like the Turn A alot. I also like
the Turn X, too.


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