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> Subject: Re: [gundam] The Uglyness of Turn X

> You are reading the whole thing wrong.
> All the potential series you mentioned are based on a merchandise line -
> Sentinels - existing kits, Blue Destiny - existing video games, etc.
> Making a series based on them basically cannibalizes your own market
> segment in the respective area - you can come up with a new Blue Destiny
> game or a new line of Sentinel kits, but there will be cheapskates and
> people who sees through it all and refuse to buy the "new products", which
> were the same thing in a new bottle.

"See through it" if it's done to sell merchandise, yes. Sentinels -
existing kits. Highest selling kits? Maybe with an OVA series for it
with a couple new MS added, how about then? Blue Destiny - existing
video game. So what. Would still sell OVA and kits and wall scrolls
and everything else and maybe sell the game more.

> OTOH, creating a new series based on entirely new designs such as Turn A
> leaves every department wide open for new merchandise.

What's the difference so long as all the departments can sell stuff for
it? Does it matter if they sell all at once or in pieces (i.e. game now,
OVA later vs. game and OVA later)?

> I fail to see why you mention Jar Jar in support of your point, since it is
> a brand new character introduced in Episode 1, not a retread of something
> fans are already familliar with.

Because you read the whole thing wrong. I was bringing up something I felt
was unmarketable. Yet it sells. Not like Darth Maul crap, mind you, but
much more than I ever would have bet on. So goes for Sentinel models, for
example. Market's all tapped out, you imply, so an OVA series would be a
waste. But a good marketing push would get them all sold again. That was
what I was getting at - if Jar Jar can make money how hard would it be to
either repackage or retcon or whatever Sentinel stuff to go with a new
animated series and video game?


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