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Matt Hanyok wrote:

> > Argh, not BuyRite!
> <rest snipped>
> I'm open to suggestions... and I still haven't heard from them. Know of any
> import stores where I can order CCA and/or Zeta Gundam?

BuyRite probably won't have CCA. If you check their website, if a game is not
in the main, or what's new page, or have a link to a screenshot then they don't
have it. They are really quick in dropping games that don't sell well. But one
good thing is when they get in a new release game and it doesn't sell, they
really drop the price significantly.

I think BuyRite had a used Z Gundam for sale but they are useless at keeping the
used section up to date so you would have to check the availability and price
with them. Except for games with super low prices, it pays to check the price
with them. Their current price is usually lower than the website prices.

The Rage in New York is selling CCA for $49.

Game FAQs site has a state by state listing of import game dealers in the US, if
you shop around you can save quite a lot.
 Import dealers list


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