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> Subject: Re: [gundam] The Uglyness of Turn X
> >Great idea. And maybe more battles with just tanks and such (and maybe some
> >mobile suits show up in the middle of them) or animate some of those cool
> >side stories already! What's wrong with Sentinel stuff or the F90 or Blue
> >Destiny stuff that they can't be animated?
> >
> >
> >
> >Alfred.
> Why sponsor a show where your chance of selling merchandise cannot be
> maximized?
> Eddie

Define "cannot be maximized". Are you implying that Bandai's marketing
team has been trained to only market Gundam models and toys? They can't
come up with a way to sell (through hype of a new show/concept, packaging,
special offers, etc.) other models or ideas? How many shows of the type
I've described have been failures? Can you prove that they have actually
"maximized" their marketing for the past shows/OVAs?

Why be so narrow minded about a "different" approach to Gundam? What's
stopping them from maximizing selling merchandise for a new series, no
matter what it's about? Shit, George sold a lot of Jar Jar toys even
though every person I've every talked to about it hates that character.
Marketing can sell anything.


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