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"Y. Choe" wrote:

> But if Bandai had wanted to do a MG Macross kits, then we should've seen
> them by now. A year or two ago, the world celebrated the 15ht anniversary
> of Macross Series. What did Bandai, or for that matter the rest of the
> model makers do? Re-lease their old stock, reprint their old stock.

I agree, they usually take the cheap way out. I know they would not do it I just
they would.

> Unlike Gundam (which even til then had some TV and OVA Exposure), Macross
> had little to nil TV and OAV exposure. What does this mean? Gundam Kits
> will sell, because of their 30 minute commerical while Macross will not.

I know for sure they wont make it, but I really do believe it would sell.
with those terrible 1/55 scale valkyrie fetching big dollars on the collectibles

market, something detailed and reasonably priced would would get the nostalgia
sale...I bet even in japan.

> Or more to the point, our generation (Xish, Yish?) will wish for MG
> macrosses, but the current generation do not have Macross Memories to
> justify the sales of Macross kits or toys. May not make sense for us, but
> in Japan, the hobby industry (at least giant robos) is more geared towards
> children.

Yes the current generation dose not have the memories, but Look at the perfect
grade gundam
I dont know what it was like when you were a kid..but I never had that much
money( $100 or so) to spend on a model.
I dont think that was marketed to the younger generation. It must have cost some
money to develop,
yet thay made it anyway. I am sure it was for nostalgic reasons too, for people
like us or
our counterparts in japan I mean.

> Either that or they don't have the rights to print MG kits (only current
> stock).
> You do the math. It'll not happen, cause it should've happened by now.
> EOS.

Once again you are right, but its a shame because I belive they would sell
enough to justify
making them. I mean how many of us would buy it....I know they are not going to
but if they did?


> Y. Choe
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> Personally id drool all over myself and have a heart attack of ungodly
> nature
> if the omnipotent people at bandai made that wonderful piece of machinery as
> a master grade.
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