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>First off I know this is a gundam list, but we have already established
>that most of us enjoy lots of anime titles. Just out of curiosity who
>would like to see a non gundam Master Grade kit? I mean would'nt it be
>cool if they did some mecha from macross? or perhaps Space Cruiser Yamato?
>I know Bandai probably won't, but most people who grew up with Gundam also
>did with those other stories and i believe they (we) would shell out the
>cash for kits of this nature. Imagine a 1/72 master grade VF-1S with the
>strike armor....mmmmmmmm....rople...rople

Macross was never that big in Japan the way it is HUGE in the Western world.
Although many despise Robotech, Carl Macek deserves all the credit for
introducing anime and mecha to the Western audience.

Macross came out in the wake of MS Gundam, so despite its better quality
animation and cool transforming Valkyries, it never made as big an impression
as MS Gundam did with the Japanese audience. Its only contribution to the
giant robot genre was transforming military vehicles and the damn annoying
pop singers, as far as the Japanese audience was concerned. This is evident
in most of the 80s mecha shows all featuring transformers, even Zeta Gundam
could not escape this fate - Tomino had to bow to the market's demands.

Every Japanese mecha fan remember standing in line for a new Gundam kit
release in their childhood, but I don't think the same could be said for
Valkyrie kits. This could be why Bandai hasn't jumped on a MG Valkyrie yet -
the demand may not be big enough to justify it. They haven't reissued their
HCM or chogokin toys either, even for the ones whose molds are still intact.
The demand in the Japanese market just wasn't enough to justify their
trouble, and even when an overseas distributor agreed to make more than the
minimum purchase quantity for the Valkyrie toys, Bandai still refused to make
a production run.

As long as MG mobile suit kits make money, Bandai won't be making a MG
Valkyrie soon. Maybe for the 20th anniversary, though...


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