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I do some airbrushing an when I come back this is
what I see. Warning, I thinned the paint too
much, I have lost my Ranma 1/2 TV Theme Songs CD,
and my gf kicked my sorry butt in AoE last night,
so I am not a happy man...

Right, here I go again defending the designs of
MS's in Turn A. As many of you know, I was one of
the first to embrace the design of Turn-A, and
there was a huge war on the GML about this time
last year about it.. Now it's the Turn-X.

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> writes:
> > But, this ISN'T a Gundam. I don't care how much Mead says it looks
> > better with the "white beard" appearance on it, a Gundam has GOLD fins on
> > its head, not a white beard. It has TWO hands. And, it doesn't have a
> > phallic cockpit.

And who are you to decide what a Gundam is? What
most people really dislike about these design's is
that it does not have the traditional hallmarks
which identify it as Gundam.

Question, does it really matter? Perhaps what is
more important is what Gundam actually means
other, than it is the name of the hero's MS. Does
anyone have any philosophical answers to that?

> I don't recall it being said anywhere that the Turn X was indeed a Gundam. As
> I recall, the first time the Turn A is called a Gundam is in an episode. From
> this I can only say that while the Turn A is a Gundam by name only, the Turn
> X seems to be something completely different.

Quite right, and neither is F91 or V. F90 is
slightly more confusing, but that's beside the
point. None of these MSs have any lineage
relation to the Gundams of past.

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                  Michael Ip

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