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> And pretty damn cool looking. By the way, are there any written
> from Tomino or Bandai or elsewhere that define exactly what is and what is
> not a Gundam?

Not that I've ever heard. Which I like, actually. What I really want to see
is an OVA or series or movie were the "Gundam" was the bad guy, and the
show's hero had to defeat the Gundam in order to achieve a needed goal. Kind
of like 0080, only with an actual war being depicted instead of interpersonal
relationships. I also like the idea of two opponents facing off in Gundams,
like in 0083. Or even a story set in UC, but without a Gundam ever making an
appearance. Kind of like the trench warfare between Zaks and GMs seen in the
Revival of Zeon manga, or a skirmish during a patrol. Another cool OVA would
be to animate G-Unit.


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