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> Subject: Re: [gundam] The Uglyness of Turn X
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> > But, this ISN'T a Gundam. I don't care how much Mead says it looks
> > better with the "white beard" appearance on it, a Gundam has GOLD fins on
> > its head, not a white beard. It has TWO hands. And, it doesn't have a
> > phallic cockpit.

Ah, but Tomino *and* Bandai DO care and they approved.

> I don't recall it being said anywhere that the Turn X was indeed a Gundam. As
> I recall, the first time the Turn A is called a Gundam is in an episode. From
> this I can only say that while the Turn A is a Gundam by name only, the Turn
> X seems to be something completely different.

And pretty damn cool looking. By the way, are there any written requirements
from Tomino or Bandai or elsewhere that define exactly what is and what is
not a Gundam?


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