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But if Bandai had wanted to do a MG Macross kits, then we should've seen
them by now. A year or two ago, the world celebrated the 15ht anniversary
of Macross Series. What did Bandai, or for that matter the rest of the
model makers do? Re-lease their old stock, reprint their old stock.

Unlike Gundam (which even til then had some TV and OVA Exposure), Macross
had little to nil TV and OAV exposure. What does this mean? Gundam Kits
will sell, because of their 30 minute commerical while Macross will not.

Or more to the point, our generation (Xish, Yish?) will wish for MG
macrosses, but the current generation do not have Macross Memories to
justify the sales of Macross kits or toys. May not make sense for us, but
in Japan, the hobby industry (at least giant robos) is more geared towards

Either that or they don't have the rights to print MG kits (only current

You do the math. It'll not happen, cause it should've happened by now.

Y. Choe

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Personally id drool all over myself and have a heart attack of ungodly
if the omnipotent people at bandai made that wonderful piece of machinery as
a master grade.

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