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> what exactly is rotoscoping?
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In traditional animation (anime, cartoons, etc.) it is the tracing of an
actual thing (moving person, animal, etc.) and transferring to animation.
So, you film a guy running then you trace each frame of film so that you're
left with an outline (or more, if you want to trace his actual mouth and
clothes exactly) that you can detail and color and turn it into "animation"
such as a lot of what was in "Lord of the Rings" or those old Saturday
morning cartoons like "Tarzan" and "The Lone Ranger". Cheating, in a
sense, but a good way to get realistic proportions and movements. In cg
a roto is basically a matte made to affect a composite, like rotoing a
guy so that you can place him on top of a new background, etc., but in
cg motion capture fulfills the same function as rotoscoping in traditional
animation, i.e. get an actual thing (man, lion, etc.) to create the


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