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>Yes, I really like the Turn X, too. No way should a MS made *that* far in
>the future be expected to look like the first Gundam.

EXACTLY! I mean, even their method of production would probably be
superior, with nanocontruction and all would be no surprise if
the robots were really different looking...even aesthatics may have changed
by then....if they decide to keep the old look until 500 years in the
future, then what you have is a world like Battletech, in which most people
have been stuck in one level because of sociocultural factors....and since
the TurnX is from a progressive society (the moon people) -- or at least,
that what it's supposed to be -- then it should look different...WAY

The TurnA is a relic by this time, it should look a bit more like
the oldies, unlike the TurnX

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