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>I think Richie's got a good point here, and it's a conclusion I had pretty
>much reached when Gundam X came out... the Gundam design style as we know it
>is WORN OUT. Just _how many more_ times can we slightly alter the body
>style and weapons just enough to still keep it recognizable as a
>"traditional" Gundam, and give Bandai an excuse to make and sell yet another
>model kit or toy? (And don't EVEN get me started on G-Gundam...)

I for one am getting tired of assembling gundam clones...that's why I am
now more into collecting the badguys like the amphibious ones from 0080 or
the ZZ enemies. They had myriad shapes and sizes which were pleasing to
the eye! my favorite MS bad guy happens to be the Bawoo, which is more
Five Star Stories than anything else in gundam, in my opinion.

I mean, i have so many V-fins in my room, that they're beginning to look
like a sea of little yellow/gold fins all over the place, LOL!

>Plus I'm pretty sure we're all aware of even Tomino's grumblings about his
>work on Gundam in the past, and his often-stated reservations about making
>more sequels... as well as his general disregard for Gundam fans' opinions.
>I can't say as I blame him. It's time for something fresh and new, and Turn
>A is definitely a fresh start.

I based my opinion on that. Tomino has always been grumbling, yet he can't
seem to let one obvious way to achieve his contradictory ends is to
literally make it "not-Gundam", thereby changing the samurai robot
paradigm, turning it into something else.

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