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>Burke and Richie are absolutely right. We all know that it's time for a new
>take on Gundam, and better that it come from Tomino himself, and one of his
>productions, than from someone who wouldn't do a decent job. I for one do
>like the Turn A and the Turn X (My initial reactions to the Turn A to the
>contrary) and I feel that they are very nice designs. I am currently trying
>to work my way through Gundam Wing, and, I am having a hard time. I can't
>help but think "Hey, I've seen this already..." Turn A, from everything
>that I've read about it (I still have yet to see any of it, and will reserve
>actual judgement until I do) seems to be pretty good, if a little slow paced
>(But I'm a Kurosawa fan, so I definitely can handle slow paced.)

I actually enjoy slowpaced movies...i just wonder when I will be able to
get myhands on subbed copies of the series...I'm sure it's going to be a
good one.

>Guys, I understand that there are people out there that can't stand the look
>of Syd's designs. Well, that's why we have Wing, and G, and (goddess help
>us) X, and all the rehashs of the UC in the OVAs. You don't have to like
>the design. You even can express your opinion. But think about this. How
>much longer will you be happy with the adding of all the bells and whistles
>onto the same old mobile suits? I mean, Look at G-Gundam, fer cryin out
>loud. There's a Gundam with a Windmill on it for goddess sake. There's a
>Gundam that has football pads on it... I mean, the only designs from G that
>I even like are the G, the Shining, and the Nobel. Everything else, while
>still relatively close to the original Gundam designs, is just too wierd.
>Then there's X. Rehashes of Wing... Gaaa... I think that Tomino made one
>hell of a good decision by hiring Syd to do the designs...

yeah, that windmill gundam pretty much did me in too when I watched
it...fell off my seat...

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