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> Subject: Re: [gundam] The Uglyness of Turn X
> Richie Ramos writes,

> Hi everyone, long time no email. Burkenator still lives.
> I think Richie's got a good point here, and it's a conclusion I had pretty
> much reached when Gundam X came out... the Gundam design style as we know it
> is WORN OUT. Just _how many more_ times can we slightly alter the body
> style and weapons just enough to still keep it recognizable as a
> "traditional" Gundam, and give Bandai an excuse to make and sell yet another
> model kit or toy? (And don't EVEN get me started on G-Gundam...)

Exactly. More side stories (like 0080 or 08th MS Team) dealing with known
MS and events, great. No need to do much more that retcon a design. But
to have a story 500+ in the future and the Gundam *still* manages to look
like the other Gundams? Not only is that hard to believe but why bother?

It's a hope that I also have with Macross - more stories in the timeframe
that was most successful. None of this Macross 7 shit, how about an OVA
series from the Mars Base point of view? Or more about the war before
the SDF-1 showed up? So, with Gundam, how about more stories within the
first 150-200 years of the timeline? There must be more history that's
worth animating.

> As for the Turn X Gundam... I like it! It's very stylized, kinda reminds me
> of Dunbine a little bit... I also suspect that it's transformable, judging
> from that backpack, the funky legs... and those "fins" on the shoulder armor
> (flight mode?). Just one little thing... it does NOT look like a Gundam.
> And it's about time. The old style of Gundam is worn out. Sure, the
> classics will always be great, but I think it's time that we laid the "old"
> Gundam to rest with dignity and move on. DEAL WITH IT.

Yes, I really like the Turn X, too. No way should a MS made *that* far in
the future be expected to look like the first Gundam.


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