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>Richie Ramos writes,
>>I myself am beginning to realize what Tomino may have been >after...What
>>he hated that whole V-fin look after all these >years? What if he just
>>so sick and tired of the Gundam MS style >(not the story!) that he decided
>>to make something as UNgundam as >possible? betcha that was part of the
>>reason why he had these >things designed by Syd Mead. I welcome the idea.
>>Gundam is Gundam, >yes, but if it needs to have a style radically
>>to >jumpstart the whole process, then why not? Am not judging the
>> >designs
>>or the series or anything at all about TurnA until it all >wraps up.
>Hi everyone, long time no email. Burkenator still lives.
>I think Richie's got a good point here, and it's a conclusion I had pretty
>much reached when Gundam X came out... the Gundam design style as we know
>is WORN OUT. Just _how many more_ times can we slightly alter the body
>style and weapons just enough to still keep it recognizable as a
>"traditional" Gundam, and give Bandai an excuse to make and sell yet
>model kit or toy? (And don't EVEN get me started on G-Gundam...)
>Plus I'm pretty sure we're all aware of even Tomino's grumblings about his
>work on Gundam in the past, and his often-stated reservations about making
>more sequels... as well as his general disregard for Gundam fans' opinions.
>I can't say as I blame him. It's time for something fresh and new, and
>A is definitely a fresh start.
>As for the Turn X Gundam... I like it! It's very stylized, kinda reminds
>of Dunbine a little bit... I also suspect that it's transformable, judging
>from that backpack, the funky legs... and those "fins" on the shoulder
>(flight mode?). Just one little thing... it does NOT look like a Gundam.
>And it's about time. The old style of Gundam is worn out. Sure, the
>classics will always be great, but I think it's time that we laid the "old"
>Gundam to rest with dignity and move on. DEAL WITH IT.
>Okay, enough preaching for now...

Burke and Richie are absolutely right. We all know that it's time for a new
take on Gundam, and better that it come from Tomino himself, and one of his
productions, than from someone who wouldn't do a decent job. I for one do
like the Turn A and the Turn X (My initial reactions to the Turn A to the
contrary) and I feel that they are very nice designs. I am currently trying
to work my way through Gundam Wing, and, I am having a hard time. I can't
help but think "Hey, I've seen this already..." Turn A, from everything
that I've read about it (I still have yet to see any of it, and will reserve
actual judgement until I do) seems to be pretty good, if a little slow paced
(But I'm a Kurosawa fan, so I definitely can handle slow paced.)

Guys, I understand that there are people out there that can't stand the look
of Syd's designs. Well, that's why we have Wing, and G, and (goddess help
us) X, and all the rehashs of the UC in the OVAs. You don't have to like
the design. You even can express your opinion. But think about this. How
much longer will you be happy with the adding of all the bells and whistles
onto the same old mobile suits? I mean, Look at G-Gundam, fer cryin out
loud. There's a Gundam with a Windmill on it for goddess sake. There's a
Gundam that has football pads on it... I mean, the only designs from G that
I even like are the G, the Shining, and the Nobel. Everything else, while
still relatively close to the original Gundam designs, is just too wierd.
Then there's X. Rehashes of Wing... Gaaa... I think that Tomino made one
hell of a good decision by hiring Syd to do the designs...

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