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> Subject: Re: [gundam] Anime VS Cartoons
> > > The Last Unicorn? Wasn't that an anime? Cool!
> > Flight of
> > > the Dragons sounds familiar...
> > >
> > Indeed. Rankin and Bass (who produced both of
> > these, as well as tv
> > adaptions of The Hobbit and The Return of the King
> > [not to be confused with
> > Ralph Bakshi's butchery of Lord of the Rings])
> butchery? bakshi's take on lord of the rings was
> meant for kids -- especially considering the view on
> cartoons back then (i.e. cartoons for kids)

Nothing Bakshi's ever done has been meant for kids. I loved his
version of Lord of the Rings. No stupid musical numbers, no stylized
cute main characters (the hobbits were small and childlike but not
so benign that they couldn't defend themselves) and a pretty faithful
telling of the story, considering how little money he had to work with
(it was supposed to go through all three books, you know). I think
you're confusing the hideous Hobbit and Return of the King here. Those
were definitely for kids. Frodo of the Nine Fingers? Who's idiotic
idea was that song? Those two shows are unwatchable. If only Bakshi
wouldn't use rotoscoping so much he'd have more respect. Golem creaped
me out the way Bakshi designed him.

> when i was nine (or less), those three cartoons of
> lord of the rings were the first exposure i had to
> tolkien's works and to overall medieval fantasy.
> thirteen years later, having read most of what tolkien
> wrote for middle-earth, i still remember the cartoons
> fondly. i say bakshi's work wasn't as big a flop as
> people make it out to be. tell me really -- were you
> reading and fully understanding and appreciating what
> tolkien wrote when you were nine years old? compared
> to the cartoon version? critics don't know squat.
> they're paid to bash things around.

Compare them to the tone of the books and see which one hits the mark.
Bakshi, definitely. Those other two were ass.

> society's full of idiots. we non-mainstream people
> just can't win.

Sure we do. We like what we like, you know? The rest, many times,
like it, too, but are too afraid to admit it or be caught liking it.
Weep for them, they're weak.


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