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Wed, 13 Oct 1999 09:50:47 PDT

Richie Ramos writes,

>I myself am beginning to realize what Tomino may have been >after...What if
>he hated that whole V-fin look after all these >years? What if he just got
>so sick and tired of the Gundam MS style >(not the story!) that he decided
>to make something as UNgundam as >possible? betcha that was part of the
>reason why he had these >things designed by Syd Mead. I welcome the idea.
>Gundam is Gundam, >yes, but if it needs to have a style radically different
>to >jumpstart the whole process, then why not? Am not judging the >designs
>or the series or anything at all about TurnA until it all >wraps up.

Hi everyone, long time no email. Burkenator still lives.

I think Richie's got a good point here, and it's a conclusion I had pretty
much reached when Gundam X came out... the Gundam design style as we know it
is WORN OUT. Just _how many more_ times can we slightly alter the body
style and weapons just enough to still keep it recognizable as a
"traditional" Gundam, and give Bandai an excuse to make and sell yet another
model kit or toy? (And don't EVEN get me started on G-Gundam...)

Plus I'm pretty sure we're all aware of even Tomino's grumblings about his
work on Gundam in the past, and his often-stated reservations about making
more sequels... as well as his general disregard for Gundam fans' opinions.
I can't say as I blame him. It's time for something fresh and new, and Turn
A is definitely a fresh start.

As for the Turn X Gundam... I like it! It's very stylized, kinda reminds me
of Dunbine a little bit... I also suspect that it's transformable, judging
from that backpack, the funky legs... and those "fins" on the shoulder armor
(flight mode?). Just one little thing... it does NOT look like a Gundam.
And it's about time. The old style of Gundam is worn out. Sure, the
classics will always be great, but I think it's time that we laid the "old"
Gundam to rest with dignity and move on. DEAL WITH IT.

Okay, enough preaching for now...

-Burke "Burkenator" Rukes

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