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>Okay, people, break out the black armbands.
>Gundam has offically bit the bucket, and it's time to hold the wake.

Huh? I think it's still pretty much alive....

>Case in point, the Turn X Gundam. I admit, it's a cool looking robot.
>I like how it's designed. It's got a retro-techshock appearance that
>looks like a mecha simultainiously designed by the Galactic Patrol and
>the Borg.
>It's got a bit of the Dunbine thing going, a kind of organic wholeness to
>But, this ISN'T a Gundam. I don't care how much Mead says it looks
>better with the "white beard" appearance on it, a Gundam has GOLD fins on
>its head, not a white beard. It has TWO hands. And, it doesn't have a
>phallic cockpit.

Well, It's not gundam as we know it. But since bandai sez it is...well,
then it is.

>A lot of the Turn A mecha are cool. I'm starting to enjoy the Sumo and a
>few other mecha (they've got a different appearance to them, something
>that hasn't been tried in a while. For that I applaud them). The Turn
>A, while it sets my teeth on edge that it's the "successor" of all
>Gundams, it's okay.
>Turn X, however-go back to the Evangelion reject bin, try again.

Huh? I think it's actually very cool. Nice organic design, a total
reversal of all the gundam stuff...a perfect nemesis!

>I'd want to see more Gundam stories, but let's not do this "alternate
>universe" thing anymore. We've got the UC timeline that works great(I'd
>want to see the END of the whole Gundam mess in the UC timeline) and
>there's always a sequel to Gundam Wing. Okay, maybe even Gundam X(I
>think that Gundam X would have been a great show, if it had a PLOT).
>Any comments?

But the UC has technically zoned out to the far-flung time of
for AC and AW and GG...well, of all of them, I'd prefer Gundam WIng to have
a continuation.

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