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Wed, 13 Oct 1999 09:31:22 -0400

>> Subject: Re: [gundam] Anime VS Cartoons
>> Wait, what I meant with "aesthetics" is... well, try
>> comparing the mecha designs of Battletech with that
>> of Macross or Gundam. I think you'll see what I mean.
>You're saying that Battletech represents the best that Western animation
>has to offer vs. Macross or Gundam? You mind explaining that?

 I didn't say Battletech represents the best western
 animation has to offer. What I'm trying to show is
 an example of the western trend in contrast to the
 Japanese. For example, in Ninja Turtles, you get to
 see a lot of crappy mecha that seemed to be designed
 overnight. Now, I don't remember seeing that kinda
 crap in anime. No matter how little the role of that
 particular machine in the story, they always try to
 make it nice... but that may depend on whether it is
 really meant to look ugly. But still... look at the
 details. Now, you might say, Battletech mecha is
 quite detailed. Yes... true... but at the cost of
 aesthetics? If you are to be given a personal mecha
 of your choice to pilot, would you rather pick a
 mecha from the western cartoons or from anime?

>> Well, if non-Japanese will do anime and keep the nice
>> anime elements intact, fine. But what if they don't?
>> Wouldn't that be just horrible?
>Sure, the Westerners haven't quite mastered the core elements like the
>underage sex scenes, the required nuke blast that takes out Tokyo *again*
>(although I suppose for the U.S. we'd substitute New York), the young
>whiner kid who, by virtue of his scheming father gene-engineering him,
>is more capable of operating the super weapon mech than any pilot who's
>actually trained for it, the idol singer love triangle, etc. etc. You
>seriously want an entire second set of animators and directors producing
>*more* of that stuff? Maybe a team of girls in Catholic school uniforms
>saving the Earth while at the same time prickteasing every boy in their
>classes? Certainly there needs to be an Emmy category for that, it's
>been ignored for too long. Maybe I'm alone here but I'd welcome a new
>approach to some of that.

 Uh... now that you've mentioned it... I guess we don't
 really need more of it, right? Things are best left as they are.... hey, wait a minute! I'm back to square one!

Kaworu Nagisa (aka Veilchen)

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