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>And do you know what you are failing to take into consideration? That
>the assholes that make animated shows here believe, first, that animation
>is only for kids (so who cares how shallow the story or the "acting" is
>in it) and, second, they have to crank out a shitload of episodes (you
>remember the Robotech kluge of Macross/Southern Cross/Mospeada to address
>this requirement) to get greenlit so "aesthetics", as you call them, will
>go right out the window in place of quantity. Nobody in charge here gives
>a damn about whether you or I like it. So, to say "some Western animation
>is nice and all" is to imply that nobody around here knows how to do it
>correctly, which is some very ignorant crap to be saying. The machine
>here is driven very differently than in Japan. I mean, anime is a proven
>product in Japan. How easy is it to make it right there? And yet still
>they pump out mountains of shit shows, too. We grew up here with 6 minute
>shorts in front of movies. Was that the case in Japan? The approach and
>the assumptions tell a lot about why the two sources look so different

 Okay okay... so I missed that point. Fine. But don't
 you wish the makers of animation there would put a
 little more "heart" in their work like I think what
 the Japanese are doing?

 By the way, I don't think that because to similar things
 that are different because they came from entirely
 different sources means that they cannot be compared.
 IMO, it's just a question of why anime is generally
 better than it's western counterparts and why such
 western counterparts couldn't seem to see their
 shortcomings and do something about it.

 The reasons why I like watching anime are:

 1) The characters - in one way or the other, you'll
    find a character that is really likeable and is
    worth idolizing/drooling over/identifying one's
    self with/symphatizing with/learning from/looking
    up to... you get the picture.

 2) The uniquness - there is this certain quality in
    anime that I never really saw in most western
    cartoons. In anime, you get to see really wild
    and fresh new ideas. In western cartoons, all
    I USUALLY see are "laser guns" that work like
    stun rays or something. Guns... guns... guns...
    duh. Why do they have to limit themselves to
    that? I think this one's in the culture....

 3) The story/plot - as I've stated before, anime
    always has a definite ending to it and various
    genre cater to different tastes. However, western
    cartoons seem to end when the show loses popularity.
    Aside from that, the settings seem too ordinary that
    genres could hardly be distinguished.

 One thing that puzzles me is that why do the western
 animators tend to make every character buffed and yet
 oftentimes wimps? Heck, even Super Bikkuriman could
 wipe out the entire X-Men. Look at Rival Schools...
 there you have over-buffed 15-yr. olds, but their
 bodies matches it's use. You know what I'm getting

Kaworu Nagisa (aka Veilchen)

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