Kaworu Nagisa (17thangel@tokyo-3.com)
Wed, 13 Oct 1999 08:48:40 -0400

>> Well, if non-Japanese will do anime and keep the nice
>> anime elements intact, fine. But what if they don't?
>> Wouldn't that be just horrible?
>>Kaworu Nagisa (aka Veilchen)
>Ok, lets just take this one step further, why don't we
>never let another Japanese near a camera ever again,
>because except for the Late Akira Kurosawa, Japanese
>Live Action movies suck.

 Uh... you're not talking about tokusatsu are you?
 Anyway, I never encountered an instance wherein
 the Japanese messed-up with something that came
 from the US. So unlike what became of Masked Rider,
 Beetleborgs, Power Rangers, and VR Troopers. And
 now, look, a 3D Voltron with a cyborg Prince Lothar?

>What would be Horrible is to never let anyone try...

 Yeah... I guess you're right...

>Because we don't get anyone trying anything, and that
>would be even worse than having US Cartoons as they
>are right now... Would be having NO Cartoons at all.

 That wouldn't exactly be that bad since if that happens,
 all the animation we'll be watching are anime, right?

>Weren't you the guy clamoring for all of the Hentai
>everything doing it with everything else. Since there
>aren't ANY JAPANESE animators on this list that I know
>of wouldn't we screw it up, wouldn't we leave some of
>the anime elements out of it?

 Whaddaya mean "everything doing it with everything
 else"!? Those were very unique and well-thought-of pair-ups >:(

 By the way, I didn't quite understand what you meant
 by that last paragraph. Can you like, explain it to
 me a little more? ^^;

Kaworu Nagisa (aka Veilchen)

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