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> I actually like the Turn X design as opposed to the Turn-A which I hated
>with a vengence. Seeing that Tomino wanted to take Gundam to a new direction
>with Turn-A gundam anime, Turn-X actually works as a complete new and
>different MS bearing the gundam name instead of the half-ass Turn-A redesign
>that is very insulting to traditional Gundam looks(IMO of
>course.....).....and yes I did have the chance to toy with the Turn-A model
>at a friend's place......still hate it.

OK Now that all this turn X talk is going on, I'd like to add my 2 cents. If
you'd notice how Turn a has an ambiguous relationship with the RX 78, in this
same way the Turn X reminds me of a Zeta because of that goofy backpack thing.
Some people have stated that this thing might be a Variable form MS, who

- Roger


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