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>But one thing that you have to remember with Battletech is that it was
>originally a game. And believe me, as someone who played the game years
>before the series was on the air, I'll tell you that the mecha designs from
>the series are ten times better than some of the early stuff from the game.
>In the first and second editions, you had a sprinkling of Dougram, Macross,
>and Crusher Joe mecha designs, paired off with gawdawful american retconns
>and original designs that looked terrible. However, another thing that is
>never mentioned when this argument is taken is that FASA (the company that
>produced the game) had one of the worst art departments in house of any
>gaming company at the time. It was only when they started to produce
>Shadowrun that their art finally started to get good.

Yes, I remember their tech art....eeesh. But the Shadowrun stuff is still
a bit off though. but, well, if the players want to have nice art...they
usually do it themselves.

>> >but it has a certain grittiness that I like over anime. also, why not
>> >at stuff like the Last Unicorn and Flight of Dragons? aren't they great?
>> The Last Unicorn? Wasn't that an anime? Cool! Flight of
>> the Dragons sounds familiar...
>Indeed. Rankin and Bass (who produced both of these, as well as tv
>adaptions of The Hobbit and The Return of the King [not to be confused with
>Ralph Bakshi's butchery of Lord of the Rings]) always had some very good
>Japanese artists on staff for their cell animation division (These people
>carried over to Thundercats and god help us Silverhawks, but these latter
>two, while looking good, suffered from poor writing and kiddified scripts
>[especially Silverhawks])

Now that I didn't know. Thundercats and Silverhawks were pushing it when
it came to kiddiness. As for the Lord of the rings...I didn't like
Bakshi's stuff. I admit that there was a certain charm to it, but sadly,
it has not carried well over time. His Gandalf is pretty good, though.
Rankin and Bass had very good stuff. I think they also made a version of
Swan Lake.

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