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Wed, 13 Oct 1999 01:11:42 -0700

Okay, people, break out the black armbands.

Gundam has offically bit the bucket, and it's time to hold the wake.

Case in point, the Turn X Gundam. I admit, it's a cool looking robot.

I like how it's designed. It's got a retro-techshock appearance that
looks like a mecha simultainiously designed by the Galactic Patrol and
the Borg.

It's got a bit of the Dunbine thing going, a kind of organic wholeness to

But, this ISN'T a Gundam. I don't care how much Mead says it looks
better with the "white beard" appearance on it, a Gundam has GOLD fins on
its head, not a white beard. It has TWO hands. And, it doesn't have a
phallic cockpit.

A lot of the Turn A mecha are cool. I'm starting to enjoy the Sumo and a
few other mecha (they've got a different appearance to them, something
that hasn't been tried in a while. For that I applaud them). The Turn
A, while it sets my teeth on edge that it's the "successor" of all
Gundams, it's okay.

Turn X, however-go back to the Evangelion reject bin, try again.

I'd want to see more Gundam stories, but let's not do this "alternate
universe" thing anymore. We've got the UC timeline that works great(I'd
want to see the END of the whole Gundam mess in the UC timeline) and
there's always a sequel to Gundam Wing. Okay, maybe even Gundam X(I
think that Gundam X would have been a great show, if it had a PLOT).

Any comments?


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