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>I _was_ going to complain about how the Turn X didn't look anything like a
>Gundam, color scheme or not. But then I noticed something. It ISN'T a
>Gundam! At least, I don't think it is. I mean, the Turn-A Gundam kits were
>all called "Turn-A Gundam." But this is just "Turn-X."
>Honestly, the name doesn't make much sense to me. I mean, the Turn-A had
>that moustache, which looked like an upside down "A," sort of. But the
>Turn-X, well, I didn't see an "X" anywhere on it! (And an upside down "X" is
>STILL an "X".)

If your "X" crosses at a 90-degree angle -- as the mathematical symbol for
multiplication does -- and you rotate it 90 degrees rather than 180, you
get a plus (+) symbol.

The Japanese seem to like playing with mathematical and computer symbols.
Moon Crisis, set in UC 0099, had not only a Zeta Plus (Z+) Gundam but also
a Zeta "Prompt" (Z>) Gundam....


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