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> > The Last Unicorn? Wasn't that an anime? Cool!
> Flight of
> > the Dragons sounds familiar...
> >
> Indeed. Rankin and Bass (who produced both of
> these, as well as tv
> adaptions of The Hobbit and The Return of the King
> [not to be confused with
> Ralph Bakshi's butchery of Lord of the Rings])

butchery? bakshi's take on lord of the rings was
meant for kids -- especially considering the view on
cartoons back then (i.e. cartoons for kids)

when i was nine (or less), those three cartoons of
lord of the rings were the first exposure i had to
tolkien's works and to overall medieval fantasy.
thirteen years later, having read most of what tolkien
wrote for middle-earth, i still remember the cartoons
fondly. i say bakshi's work wasn't as big a flop as
people make it out to be. tell me really -- were you
reading and fully understanding and appreciating what
tolkien wrote when you were nine years old? compared
to the cartoon version? critics don't know squat.
they're paid to bash things around.

anyway...being BOTH a medieval fantasy and sci-fi
junkie, it's a double whammy for me.

medieval fantasy junkies have to contend with the
notion that the genre is for demon worshipping,
vampire wannabe, zonked out godless weirdos. (i'm a
godless weirdo, they got that one right at least)

i remember bringing tolkien's silmarillion and
rjordan's wheel of time (ugh) in college and i got
weird looks.

otoh, anime sci-fi junkies have to contend with the
notion that their genre is for kids.

i remember leaving a few anime tapes (macross:dyrl and
macross plus) in my bag...and i got "you're so old
already, and you still watch that?". i really wanted
to respond, "yeah i do. and you watch walt disney and
go gaga over 'hello kitty'. what's your f'ing

society's full of idiots. we non-mainstream people
just can't win.

pardon the rant.


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