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> > Rain gear is very popular in Japan since it rains a lot there, and I'd
> > that the anime reflects that. As for Texas Colony, I thought it _was_
> > supposed to be like that, the whole colony was set up to be a desert as a
> > tourist spot... thus the name "Texas"?
> Of course, Texas is no where near looking like a desert. Most people confuse
> Texas with eastern California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, and
> southern Colorado. The only part of Texas that even comes near being a desert
> is southern Texas, which borders Mexico.

Well, I've driven back and forth across Texas 4 times along the 10 (and I
swear I will never do that again) and that whole area is indistinguishable
from the New Mexico section. Mountains on the horizon and... dirt. Just
dirt. And scrubs. Excepting when you hit cities, of course.


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