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>Speaking about the F-91 game, anyone knows how to play it?? I got a
>"cartiage only" deal a few months ago from ebay and have tried several times
>to play it.
>The question is: Is there any way to inprove hitting the enemy suits?? I
>mean after they are in range and in front of you, pressing the buttons can
>get you trying to hit them, but looks like it is very random to get a hit!!!

It is very random, but if you know how to read the radar to decide what kind
of weapon to use, it will improve your chances of hitting them. The radar
is divided into 2 or 3 sections. When the enemy is in the outer section
(furtherest from you) you should use long range weapons like bazooka or
VSBR), and the vulcans and beam sabers are no good until they are in the
closest section of your radar. Use the beam rifle if they appear in te mid
section of your radar.

>When you are almost out of energy (I think, shots or being hit), is there a
>way to recover??

You must finish an engagement, return to the tactical map, and return to
your carrier to change into a new suit. Timing of this can be very tricky,
as in later missions there isn't a whole lot of room for mistakes and if you
return to carrier to early, the GMs will get wiped out and a bunch of enemy
suits will close in at your carrier. Once your carrier gets shot down you
lose, but if you are out of fuel, you lose too.

>Also, what are the different weapons ranges in the game??

Close: vulcans, beam sabers, and torso-mounted gatling/vulcans
Mid: beam rifle (you might want to try VSBR too)
Long: bazooka and VSBR


PS A few months ago someone asked for the game's manual, look through the
   archieves, someone might have scanned the whole manual and posted the
   images up on the web already.

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