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> Subject: Re: [gundam] Anime VS Cartoons

> Yeah, but don't you think that is better than getting
> stuff like Princess Tenko? Sure, some western animation
> may be nice and all, but you know what it lacks? A good
> story that has a definite ending, character development,
> aesthetics, and a good dose of realistic fantasy.
> Kaworu Nagisa (aka Veilchen)

And do you know what you are failing to take into consideration? That
the assholes that make animated shows here believe, first, that animation
is only for kids (so who cares how shallow the story or the "acting" is
in it) and, second, they have to crank out a shitload of episodes (you
remember the Robotech kluge of Macross/Southern Cross/Mospeada to address
this requirement) to get greenlit so "aesthetics", as you call them, will
go right out the window in place of quantity. Nobody in charge here gives
a damn about whether you or I like it. So, to say "some Western animation
is nice and all" is to imply that nobody around here knows how to do it
correctly, which is some very ignorant crap to be saying. The machine
here is driven very differently than in Japan. I mean, anime is a proven
product in Japan. How easy is it to make it right there? And yet still
they pump out mountains of shit shows, too. We grew up here with 6 minute
shorts in front of movies. Was that the case in Japan? The approach and
the assumptions tell a lot about why the two sources look so different


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