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>Subject: Re: [gundam] Anime VS Cartoons
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> >Why harp on Princess Tenko? why not look at what Batman and Superman has
> >done for pushing the influence of Anime in cartoons or what about
> Oh yeah... I forgot Swat Kats. That's one cool cartoon.
I certainly enjoy it. One of the better things that Hannah Barbera has ever
put out. And what about the subtle (?) nudges at Anime and Silver Age
Marvel comics that can be found throughout Dexter's Laboratory
> > what about Spawn? I can easily say that there are a lot of other
> >anime out there too you know! Am not impressed with the Fatal Fury
> >neither am I impressed with Dragonball Z, nor am I impressed with a lot
> >other stuff...just as I'm sure a lot of people here are also not
> >with Gundam Wing, or X or Stardust memories (which I like). It is all a
> >matter of personal taste. Anime is a style, and yes, it is Japanese, but
> >then so what? Gundam was influenced by StarWars stormtroopers. ooh,
> >lightsabers. As for definite ending, character development, aesthetics
> >realistic fantasy...hey, why not see Spawn. yes, it may be heavy handed,
> Wait, what I meant with "aesthetics" is... well, try
> comparing the mecha designs of Battletech with that
> of Macross or Gundam. I think you'll see what I mean.

But one thing that you have to remember with Battletech is that it was
originally a game. And believe me, as someone who played the game years
before the series was on the air, I'll tell you that the mecha designs from
the series are ten times better than some of the early stuff from the game.
In the first and second editions, you had a sprinkling of Dougram, Macross,
and Crusher Joe mecha designs, paired off with gawdawful american retconns
and original designs that looked terrible. However, another thing that is
never mentioned when this argument is taken is that FASA (the company that
produced the game) had one of the worst art departments in house of any
gaming company at the time. It was only when they started to produce
Shadowrun that their art finally started to get good.

> >but it has a certain grittiness that I like over anime. also, why not
> >at stuff like the Last Unicorn and Flight of Dragons? aren't they great?
> The Last Unicorn? Wasn't that an anime? Cool! Flight of
> the Dragons sounds familiar...
Indeed. Rankin and Bass (who produced both of these, as well as tv
adaptions of The Hobbit and The Return of the King [not to be confused with
Ralph Bakshi's butchery of Lord of the Rings]) always had some very good
Japanese artists on staff for their cell animation division (These people
carried over to Thundercats and god help us Silverhawks, but these latter
two, while looking good, suffered from poor writing and kiddified scripts
[especially Silverhawks])
> >I dunno. it's just that saying only Japanese can do Anime and NO ONE
> >should sounds really...ugh.
> Well, if non-Japanese will do anime and keep the nice
> anime elements intact, fine. But what if they don't?
> Wouldn't that be just horrible?
It would be horrible. But, fortunately, the production community has become
far more aware of anime in the US. Like I said in an earlier post to this
thread, look at Steven Spielberg and Harve Bennet's "Invasion: America."
While I don't know if this incredible series has been shown in the
Phillipines, I do know that this show, more than any other from the US that
I have ever seen, is like anime.

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