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>>I dunno about that, that sounds suspiciously so isolationist. anyway, i
>>would love to see what the matrix guys would do with an anime studio to
>>help them, or maybe some people who grew up watching anime but are
>>westerners -- or any other nationality other than Japan. The idea is to
>>let it spread, and if the Japanese just keep on being the ones doing it
>>over and over again, sooner or later, one gets an overdose.
> Yeah, but don't you think that is better than getting
> stuff like Princess Tenko? Sure, some western animation
> may be nice and all, but you know what it lacks? A good
> story that has a definite ending, character development,
> aesthetics, and a good dose of realistic fantasy.

Why harp on Princess Tenko? why not look at what Batman and Superman has
done for pushing the influence of Anime in cartoons or what about SwatCats?
 what about Spawn? I can easily say that there are a lot of other horrible
anime out there too you know! Am not impressed with the Fatal Fury stuff,
neither am I impressed with Dragonball Z, nor am I impressed with a lot of
other stuff...just as I'm sure a lot of people here are also not impressed
with Gundam Wing, or X or Stardust memories (which I like). It is all a
matter of personal taste. Anime is a style, and yes, it is Japanese, but
then so what? Gundam was influenced by StarWars stormtroopers. ooh, look,
lightsabers. As for definite ending, character development, aesthetics and
realistic fantasy...hey, why not see Spawn. yes, it may be heavy handed,
but it has a certain grittiness that I like over anime. also, why not look
at stuff like the Last Unicorn and Flight of Dragons? aren't they great?

I dunno. it's just that saying only Japanese can do Anime and NO ONE else
should sounds really...ugh.

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