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> The Japanese Gundam fans seems to have moved on from the Turn A design
> and are now arguing over the lack of action in the series. No matter what
> think of the designs or the amount of action, they all seems to be
> every episode with anticipation. The series is now at around half-way
> and most fans seems to have accepted Turn A for what it is.

I just want to know why 2000+ years of MS evolution can't produce anything
better than the Flat and Waddom! These guys are having trouble against Zaks
and Capules! Also, the Moon race invasion is one of the sorries excuses for
an invasion I have ever seen! Has there been any explanation why the Moon
Race invasion tactics/MS development has been so weak? I like the look of
the series - but from reading all the episode synopsis's, the story seems to
be progessing at
a very slow rate. I'm hoping that the spaceship "Will Game" takes the crew
into space to see what has been going on out there. Does anyone know if the
colonies still exist in the Turn-A timeframe?


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