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>This is where you ask them what the time limit is for enjoying something.
>It helps if you know enough about them to attack their positions on other
>things, such as "Is Ms. Beanie Babies giving me shit about anime models?
>Is that what I'm hearing?" or "Of course. Anime models are for children,
>nothing like your growing collection comic books, oh no, that's totally
>different, isn't it?" or "Ya, you got a lot you can teach me about being
>old, you think golf is a sport." Everyone you know geeks out about
>something, use it.

hehehehhe. I've used that tactic on a lot of people. they usually shut up
about that. even my mom has given in, opting to celebrate with me my 200th
kit by having a nice dinner. of course, she always complains that they
would be hell to dust.

>Ya, and blacks should stick to sports and women can't do a man's job and
>Middle Easterners are all jihad-crazy psychos. Don't let more than 10
>Germans get in a group or, next thing you know, they'll try and take over
>the Earth. Are you aware of how ignorant that sounds? You saying then
>that the Japanese should give up on their rock and roll hard-on because
>East and West is so different that it'll never fly? Something tells me
>all those young guys dressed in leather and Elvis hair cuts would argue
>with you. *Once you get into it* you can do whatever you want with anime,
>even if you're an Aleut or Aborigine.

In fact, there are now comic books here in the Philippines which are manga
in art style, but are written and illustrated by Filipinos.."Angel" it's
called I think. and it's very good stuff, all things considered. so I
think anime/manga is a good thing to be globalized.

>Hey, tentacle rape anime has its place, I'll say that. Most of what I
>hear from around me is that anime is either Akira, Ghost In The Shell, or
>Sailor Moon type stuff now. Nobody really knows. The ones that know are
>like us and of course wouldn't say something so stupid. This isn't
>something that you can just trip over around here, you have to look for it.
>Some are too lazy to look.

The tentacular stuff is not really bad if you get down to the just is really an acquired taste in viewing. I don't mind
watching them. My dad was roaring with laughter at urutsukidoji when we
watched it. he found it funny.

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