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> >>>Kou Uraki ?
> >>Kou is still testing MS in some military base somewhere, Along with
> >>Nina, and some of the others from the cast of the show. Kou managed to
> >>strike a deal as the test pilot of the "Ultra High Uber Mega Super
> Mk
> >>3 Alpha EX+," but turned it down when he saw that carrots were on the
> >>for the test base it was housed at. The project was scrapped shortly
> >>thereafter due to a lack of interest by Capcom.
> >
> >BWAHAHHAHAHHA! I can't think of one for this.
> Hehehe, this is the funniest ending of all I think

I feel happy. I made someone laugh out loud! Yes! Mission accomplished.

> >>>And also Shiro Amada of the 08th MS Team ?
> >>Shiro spent a great deal of time wandering around aimlessly and getting
> into
> >>lots of bar fights, and hanging around with underage chicks. The story
> goes
> >>that he was wearing a giant magnet around the time of Operation
> No
> >>one knows exactly why.
> >>Hope that got a few laughs out of you all,
> >
> >The scary part is, I know a guy who straps a magnet to his head, cause he
> >thinks it will make him think faster.
> One question, will the magnet make some steel thingie stick to his head ?
> it does, poor Shiro ....

That's what I was going for. I figured a few people would get it.

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