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>This is where you ask them what the time limit is for enjoying something.
>It helps if you know enough about them to attack their positions on other
>things, such as "Is Ms. Beanie Babies giving me shit about anime models?
>Is that what I'm hearing?" or "Of course. Anime models are for children,
>nothing like your growing collection comic books, oh no, that's totally
>different, isn't it?" or "Ya, you got a lot you can teach me about being
>old, you think golf is a sport." Everyone you know geeks out about
>something, use it.

hehehehhe. I've used that tactic on a lot of people. they usually shut up
about that. even my mom has given in, opting to celebrate with me my 200th
kit by having a nice dinner. of course, she always complains that they
would be hell to dust.

>> It's not really weird at all... with the kind of
>> "cartoon identity" the western TV has established,
>> such is commonplace in almost every society around
>> the world. Ironically, to them, they probably think
>> of people like us weird.
>> See? This is what I meant by saying that the western
>> people should never ever get into directing or making
>> anime. They just have a completely different mentality
>> from the asians... particularly that of the Japanese.
>> Kaworu Nagisa (aka Veilchen)
>> >>
>Ya, and blacks should stick to sports and women can't do a man's job and
>Middle Easterners are all jihad-crazy psychos. Don't let more than 10
>Germans get in a group or, next thing you know, they'll try and take over
>the Earth. Are you aware of how ignorant that sounds? You saying then
>that the Japanese should give up on their rock and roll hard-on because
>East and West is so different that it'll never fly? Something tells me
>all those young guys dressed in leather and Elvis hair cuts would argue
>with you. *Once you get into it* you can do whatever you want with anime,
>even if you're an Aleut or Aborigine.
>> Another misconception about anime that Ive come across is that people
see all
>> anime as just "porno cartoons" ... you cant IMAGINE how pissed I get when
>> people say that, especially since i dont watch that kind of anime
>Hey, tentacle rape anime has its place, I'll say that. Most of what I
>hear from around me is that anime is either Akira, Ghost In The Shell, or
>Sailor Moon type stuff now. Nobody really knows. The ones that know are
>like us and of course wouldn't say something so stupid. This isn't
>something that you can just trip over around here, you have to look for it.
>Some are too lazy to look.
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