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I was kinda surprised when I heard that the gelgoog kits weren't all that
popular... I thought everybody loved those guys! And there aren't that many
Gundams left to get the MG treatment. F91, V (and variations), S, Nu, and
Unit 3 (I could whine, but I'm sure by now you all know I want an MG unit 3
kit) are the only ones I can think of.

And aside from a Sazabi or those Geara-Dogas (or whatever the zion dudes
flew in CCA were called) there's not much left, unless they go G/W on us.

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Louie' and a regulation two-story panty raid ladder." - Bender, Futurama
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> One other thought on this is that for the longest time only the Gundams
> the HG treatment. It seems that they think the "hero" mecha will sell
> then the miscellaneous bad guy mechs. I mean unfortunately we aren't
> to get say a MG Aggai any time in the future. But who knows it could
> Jason
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