Mark Kuettner (
Mon, 11 Oct 1999 16:52:27 PDT

>well it took me quite a while to find that site u mention abt
>for those who dun have a jap base browser heres the site

Wow, good looking stuff! The Alex looks great! The only problem is
deciding to display it with the FA on or off...and I am pleasantly
suprised by the Turn-X kit...the early art really did not show what
a great looking MS this is...this is what I was hoping Mead would show
us with his Turn-A designs...very segmented and sleek, with a great
black and white color scheme that made the stormtroopers from SW so
menacing in their design.

The ZZ MG, almost identical to its 1986 1/100 forebearer,
from the looks of it. I'm suprised because it seams to have none of
the design features of Katoki's ZZ design: The bulky build, the short,
stubby shoulder tops. I'm happy they released this kit, but I really
am sad to see virtually none of Katoki's redesign ideas he illustrated
in the original HG construction manuals used on the MG Gundams anymore
It seems he's just designing the inner detail and actual model mechanics.

And the GM-Custom...great!! What a beauty in 1/100...hopefully not a
resin kit pic this time, eh?I have heard grumbling over the feet being
inacurrate and based on the Alex's feet...really?

Mark Kai

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