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> On the american sci-fi online magazine, there are these 2
> quicktime movies:
> Can someone translate the naration on

I watched it once and Netscape crashed so I can't give you a word for word
translation, but it just explains the OYW background and then how the
Federation forces in Australia fit into the scheme of things.

Start of the war in UC0079
Side 3 Zeon Dukedom declares war of independece with the Earth Federation
Operation British, Zeons attempt to take out Federation HQ Jabrow with
Colony drop
The operation is thwarted, the colony breaks up on entering Earth's
A large piece lands in Sydney, Australia causing massive devastation
Zeons then invade Earth occupying two thirds of the world.
11 months after the war started, Operation Odessa - Federation strikes back.

The tide of the war begins to turn.
The Federation forces in Australia also do their part to avenge for the
Colony drop.
This is where the story of the White Dingo MS unit begins...


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