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James Boren wrote:

> I noticed that Turn A is tops in Newtype's popularity poll, as is Loran
> (Rolan?) the favorite male character. (If I'm reading this right?!)

The Japanese Gundam fans seems to have moved on from the Turn A design debate
and are now arguing over the lack of action in the series. No matter what they
think of the designs or the amount of action, they all seems to be watching
every episode with anticipation. The series is now at around half-way point
and most fans seems to have accepted Turn A for what it is.

Personally, I was shocked by the Turn A design at first, but now it doesn't
seem that bad. It would be better without the 'moustache' but then again Turn
A Gundam is actually nicknamed 'The Moustache' in the series!

I don't know about the Turn X though. At least Turn A Gundam is still
recognisable as a Gundam. Any MS with Gundam in their name should at least be
recognisable as such.It doesn't mean that they all have to look the same, but
retain key design ideas that clearly identifies it as Gundam. Just like the new
VW Beetle is completely different to the old Beetle but is still instantly


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