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> >Its kinda weird, but I get the same response when someone comes into my
> room,
> >looks at my gundam models, and says "arent you too old for toys?" then i go
> >into a rage and babble on about how they arent toys and how long they take
> to
> >put together....etc etc etc...
> >--Bob

This is where you ask them what the time limit is for enjoying something.
It helps if you know enough about them to attack their positions on other
things, such as "Is Ms. Beanie Babies giving me shit about anime models?
Is that what I'm hearing?" or "Of course. Anime models are for children,
nothing like your growing collection comic books, oh no, that's totally
different, isn't it?" or "Ya, you got a lot you can teach me about being
old, you think golf is a sport." Everyone you know geeks out about
something, use it.

> It's not really weird at all... with the kind of
> "cartoon identity" the western TV has established,
> such is commonplace in almost every society around
> the world. Ironically, to them, they probably think
> of people like us weird.
> See? This is what I meant by saying that the western
> people should never ever get into directing or making
> anime. They just have a completely different mentality
> from the asians... particularly that of the Japanese.
> Kaworu Nagisa (aka Veilchen)
> >>

Ya, and blacks should stick to sports and women can't do a man's job and
Middle Easterners are all jihad-crazy psychos. Don't let more than 10
Germans get in a group or, next thing you know, they'll try and take over
the Earth. Are you aware of how ignorant that sounds? You saying then
that the Japanese should give up on their rock and roll hard-on because
East and West is so different that it'll never fly? Something tells me
all those young guys dressed in leather and Elvis hair cuts would argue
with you. *Once you get into it* you can do whatever you want with anime,
even if you're an Aleut or Aborigine.

> Another misconception about anime that Ive come across is that people see all
> anime as just "porno cartoons" ... you cant IMAGINE how pissed I get when
> people say that, especially since i dont watch that kind of anime

Hey, tentacle rape anime has its place, I'll say that. Most of what I
hear from around me is that anime is either Akira, Ghost In The Shell, or
Sailor Moon type stuff now. Nobody really knows. The ones that know are
like us and of course wouldn't say something so stupid. This isn't
something that you can just trip over around here, you have to look for it.
Some are too lazy to look.


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