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>>>Gp02 and Zaku II... I'm starting to think Big Bang Project is
>>>more about quantity than Quality.
>>Hmm... that line sounds awfully familiar...
>Yeah, I would have expected them to make MG kits of the more spectacular
>Villainuos MS.
>>>The Zugock HGUC looks not much different
>>>from the original model of the 80's exept with notch on the arms and legs
>>>instead of straght through.
>>For 700 yen I guess you can't expect much. Too bad the Zugock didn't get a
>>MG treatment instead.
>I actually prefer the Zugock-E from 0080 over this one. I am all for
>revisonism if one can come up with cool designs like the E version.
>>>Well I still hope that they come out with a MG
>>>type 100 and Rick dias.
>Same here, but it would be a long shot fior the rick dias...with teh shiki,
>my guess would be that it will borrow heavily from the parts of the MK2.
>>I won't hold my breath for a MG 100-Shiki, now that it's being released as a
>>HGUC kit. The HGUC line is basically MG designs that had to be cheapened
>>because of market potential and economic reasons. If a design can't be
>>easily retooled and repackaged as a bunch of new kits, and is not a Gundam,
>>then off to the HGUC line it goes.
>I agree with eddie on this's becoming very apparent that the HGUC
>is a scale down of nonprofitable MG designs.

Type 100 not profitable? If it was MG I bet it would have a lot of buyers. Its
Char Aznable/Quattro Vagina's (hehe I said Vagina!!) MS and Its so cool. I
mean this is one of the Main guys not to mention, The Johnny Ridden and Shin
Matsugana Zakus which had no big part in the actual anime but Got MG
treatment. They're making a Chrome Zaku II which means they're really short on
Ideas. But I could understand the zugock and Zaku III and others being HGUC
just not Hyaku Shiki

- Roger


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