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>Subject: [gundam] SD Turn A and other neat new Gundam products
>Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 23:10:04 EDT
>Here's the address:
>The numbers below are the Links to stuff that I thought is neat or of
>interest to the ML. Everything on the page is Gundam, though. It seems
>has split the new releases into their own section. Numbers not mentioned
>stuff most peple already know about, seen pictures of.
>1. What are these things? Yo-Yo's, spinning disks?
>2. More capsule figures?
>3. SD RX-78 with the, I think, its the Core Booster?
>4. A Samurai Gundam, that converts into an SD Gundam and horse!! Werid, but
>5. - 13. CGI SD Gundam mecha posters?
>19. Looks like a Gundam card game.
>20. no picutre
>21. no picture
>22. SD Turn A mecha figures
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What's the URL, Aaron?

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