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>>> Just wanna know... after the series of all the gundams... what happened
>>all them?
>>while I haven't seen all of them, I'll do my best to supply some
>>humorous [read: completely false] responses, since I think most of the
>>questions have been answered already.
>>> I know that Amuro & Char died,
>>Actually, shortly after the world's coolest newtype trick, they went on to
>>become the greatest non-material material philosophers of all time. (get
>They also get reincarnated all over the timelines. in Amuro's case, he
>gets reincarnated into five different people in Wing, which may explain why
>sometimes the G-boys have only part of a personality at times.. Char gets
>the better deal, and ends up as a angst-ridden noble whose dad died. same

Don't forget that Gundam X is based on the Amuro VS Char too ( or maybe
Garrod is a reincarnated non newtype version of Amuro ? )

>>> Camille Vidan and his replacement (ZZ Gundam) ?
>>Camille is currently auditioning for roles in "Weekend with Bernie, part
>>(as Bernie) and the informative short film "How to be a constructive
>>vegetable." He also has a steady job of acting in budget films, where the
>>budget couldn't afford Keanu Reaves. Difference in acting ability is
>>completely negligable, and he's become something of an underground cult
>>star. Some have called him "The next Bruce Campbell, only not as witty."
>>replacement (ZZ) is still seeking work, but no one wants to hire him
>>they've seen ZetaZeta. Currently wandering the streets of Philedelphia.
>Camille is also now into performance art. he's put on stage, and the
>audience and he stare at each other for an hour. some people have
>described it as a raptuorous experience.

Maybe Judo back to his work with his gundam team ? ( collecting MS pieces to
make a new one ? )

>>>And what about Christine McKenzie?
>>Chris continued to test MS for the federation, until she met some guy and
>>married him. This guy was a real jerk, and shortly after a divorce, Chris
>>went off in search of Al and his Older brother Bernie. In her quest, she
>>managed to hit a whole lot of blonde guys with a baseball bat, most of
>>filed charges.
>She also became known as a magnet for inept spies and enemy agents, whob
>would fall for her and whom she would accidentally kill later at great cost
>to some government project. she was retired early and given a BIG pension.

Agree with this, hehe.

>>>Kou Uraki ?
>>Kou is still testing MS in some military base somewhere, Along with Keith,
>>Nina, and some of the others from the cast of the show. Kou managed to
>>strike a deal as the test pilot of the "Ultra High Uber Mega Super Gundam
>>3 Alpha EX+," but turned it down when he saw that carrots were on the menu
>>for the test base it was housed at. The project was scrapped shortly
>>thereafter due to a lack of interest by Capcom.
>BWAHAHHAHAHHA! I can't think of one for this.

Hehehe, this is the funniest ending of all I think

>>>And also Shiro Amada of the 08th MS Team ?
>>Shiro spent a great deal of time wandering around aimlessly and getting
>>lots of bar fights, and hanging around with underage chicks. The story
>>that he was wearing a giant magnet around the time of Operation Stardust.
>>one knows exactly why.
>>Hope that got a few laughs out of you all,
>The scary part is, I know a guy who straps a magnet to his head, cause he
>thinks it will make him think faster.

One question, will the magnet make some steel thingie stick to his head ? If
it does, poor Shiro ....


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