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>> Just wanna know... after the series of all the gundams... what happened to
>all them?
>while I haven't seen all of them, I'll do my best to supply some completely
>humorous [read: completely false] responses, since I think most of the
>questions have been answered already.
>> I know that Amuro & Char died,
>Actually, shortly after the world's coolest newtype trick, they went on to
>become the greatest non-material material philosophers of all time. (get

They also get reincarnated all over the timelines. in Amuro's case, he
gets reincarnated into five different people in Wing, which may explain why
sometimes the G-boys have only part of a personality at times.. Char gets
the better deal, and ends up as a angst-ridden noble whose dad died. same

>> Camille Vidan and his replacement (ZZ Gundam) ?
>Camille is currently auditioning for roles in "Weekend with Bernie, part 9"
>(as Bernie) and the informative short film "How to be a constructive
>vegetable." He also has a steady job of acting in budget films, where the
>budget couldn't afford Keanu Reaves. Difference in acting ability is almost
>completely negligable, and he's become something of an underground cult
>star. Some have called him "The next Bruce Campbell, only not as witty." His
>replacement (ZZ) is still seeking work, but no one wants to hire him because
>they've seen ZetaZeta. Currently wandering the streets of Philedelphia.

Camille is also now into performance art. he's put on stage, and the
audience and he stare at each other for an hour. some people have
described it as a raptuorous experience.

>>And what about Christine McKenzie?
>Chris continued to test MS for the federation, until she met some guy and
>married him. This guy was a real jerk, and shortly after a divorce, Chris
>went off in search of Al and his Older brother Bernie. In her quest, she
>managed to hit a whole lot of blonde guys with a baseball bat, most of which
>filed charges.

She also became known as a magnet for inept spies and enemy agents, whob
would fall for her and whom she would accidentally kill later at great cost
to some government project. she was retired early and given a BIG pension.

>>Kou Uraki ?
>Kou is still testing MS in some military base somewhere, Along with Keith,
>Nina, and some of the others from the cast of the show. Kou managed to
>strike a deal as the test pilot of the "Ultra High Uber Mega Super Gundam Mk
>3 Alpha EX+," but turned it down when he saw that carrots were on the menu
>for the test base it was housed at. The project was scrapped shortly
>thereafter due to a lack of interest by Capcom.

BWAHAHHAHAHHA! I can't think of one for this.

>>And also Shiro Amada of the 08th MS Team ?
>Shiro spent a great deal of time wandering around aimlessly and getting into
>lots of bar fights, and hanging around with underage chicks. The story goes
>that he was wearing a giant magnet around the time of Operation Stardust. No
>one knows exactly why.
>Hope that got a few laughs out of you all,

The scary part is, I know a guy who straps a magnet to his head, cause he
thinks it will make him think faster.

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