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>Thats where I disagree, the 100 might resemble the Mk II in ways its kind of
>impossible to make it from Mk II parts without Lots ( I do Mean lots) of
>modifications. Hyaku Shiki will have to be a whole new kit, this is I guess
>the reason Bandai Chose to make it HGUC. As for the Rick Dias it could use
>100's Back-pack buy thats all I guess.....

Hmm. I was betting on them using the markII frmae or at least hte legs and
then just doing a retcon thing to make the design "fit" into the look, if
you know what I mean. god knows gundam has done that already in the past.

>Well they have to start somewhere. They have to make something. The Zeta is
>one of the most well known MS's in Gundam and GP02 is a smart way to go
>0083 has been released oversea's and is doing quite well not to mention the
>domestic market. Besides bandai can easily make Z+ and Z II also Z+ A1.

I would suspect that they would probably try to make a zeta+...most
probably a resin upgrade.

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