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>>Is Colony Rain programmed, or natural? How often does it
>>rain in the colonies?
>ha! I know the answer to this one! It's scheduled. I even remember there
>being mention of "should have memorized the schedule" in either the movies
>or 0080. (I'm pretty sure it was the movies. As a matter of fact, I think it
>was the scene when Amuro meets Lalah for the first time.)

Actually, it's a little of both. The weather in a space colony can't be
controlled precisely, nor can any weather system, due to chaos effects.

There are, however, prevailing weather patterns that can be established
when there is a steady cycle of heating and cooling. One of these patterns
is called "island effect" from its observation on islands in the South
Pacific where there are equal-length periods of day and night.

These islands experience daily rainfall, due to changes in temperature
during the day causing the saturated air to condense, that are so regular
that you can set your watch by them. It rains three times a day, every
day, from 10 to 10:05 in the morning and 1 to 1:05 and 4 to 4:05 in the

Temperature, relative humidity and air circulation patterns in an O'Neill
type space colony would produce a similar "space island" effect, with
equally regular daily rainfall.

>>I'm curious because Texas colony had the draught problem
>>obviously something wrong with their ecossystem, but no
>Do they actually call it a problem? It's possible that it was damaged in the
>fighting, or it was supposed to be that way.

Texas Colony was original a resort, like Francheska in 0080, except that
Texas has an American Wild West theme while Francheska had a tropical
paradise theme.

Sometime early in the War, Texas was hit in such a way that the mechanism
that controls the three mirrors was damaged, freezing them in the "daytime"
position. As a result, Texas was subjected to perpetual daylight that
turned it into an unihabitable desert -- a spaceborne Death Valley, if you
will -- ravaged even further by a continuous cyclonic sandstorm. No more
resort, no more tourists and, all too soon, no more permanent inhabitants
except true diehards unwilling to give up on the place.

Much of the Wild West styling soon became ironic, given that the entire
colony was turned into a dusty, tumbleweed blown ghost town.

A similar situation prevails in Bunch 30 of Side 1, which was nerve-gassed
by the Titans in UC 0085. In addition to the deaths of three million
colonists, the Bunch 30 Incident also somehow resulted in the colony losing
its rotation. It, too, came to a stop in perpetual daytime, with similar
internal effects.

>>one in MS Gundam, or 0080 ever seems to wear rain gear,
>>like they know when its going to happen...
>Ah, but that's the beauty of anime. It makes the rain that much more natural
>seeming. Besides, it wouldn't be any fun if people kept dry, would it?

Not just rain, either. We see snow in Frontier IV during Iron Mask's
public speech (and faked assassination attempt) in Gundam F91. Some fans
have cited a comment that the snow was due to the weather-regulation
mechanism being thrown off by the Crossbone Vanguard invasion, but I have
yet to find confirmation of that claim.


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