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>is the Kaera Sun<my spelling> person in ZZ the same person
>as in CCA ?
>cos if she is, she's supposed to be dead in ZZ. i mean,
>they look N sound similar. . . even the name is pronounced
>same way.

They're two completely different characters who look and act nothing alike.

The character name from ZZ is usually given as Chara Soon.

The character name from CCA is usually given as Kayra Su.

I personally favor "Ciara" as being more phonetically accurate and matching
up with an actual ethnic name, but the appeal of a feminine form of Char
ensures that it will always be used by someone. Not that the spelling of
her last name distinguishes her from original Gundam heroine Lalah Sun,
whose surname is most often given as "Sune" these days.

>oh yah, how many GFs did Amuro have ? one is chein of CCA,
>is Frau one of them too ?

Chein Agi of CCA is a character who was invented at almost the last minute
because of a disagreement between Tomino and the Powers That Be who
bankrolled the movie. Tomino originally used Beltochika Irma, now married
to Amuro and pregnant, but this was vetoed -- Amuro could not be depicted
as married and fatherhood out of wedlock was equally out of the question.
Tomino said to heck with it and created the Chein Agi character to serve as
the romantic interest, then killed her off.

Tomino's original take is preserved in his novelization, Beltochika's Children.

Had Tomino had his way, there'd've been a much stronger parallelism between
Char and Amuro, with Char married in all but name to concubine Nanai
Mingeru, who may be pregnant with Char's son at the end of the movie. This
would've had Amuro and Char killing each other, but their Newtype sons
offering a hope for future reconciliation.

(This leads in to the storyline that later became Gaia Gear and was recast
100 years down the timeline. If you put the events of Gaia Gear
immediately after Hathaway's Flash, they seem to form a trilogy with CCA,
with Afransi Char being either the actual son or a physical-- as opposed to
"memory" -- clone of Char.)

Fra Bow was never Amuro's girl, just the girl next door. While she showed
some interest in him, he never reciprocated, choosing instead to chase
after older women such as Matilda Ajan and Sayla Mass. In fairness,
however, it should be noted that all of the young men of the White Base
crew were smitten with Matilda and that Sayla was also considered a babe,
the object of men's attention and women's jealousy.

Tomino makes a much bigger deal of the Amuro-Sayla relationship in his
novels, where it becomes a factor in the Amuro-Char relationship, creating
a triangle almost more intense than the Lalah Sun love triangle of the anime.


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