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>Subject: [gundam] Moon Phases and Colonies
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>Quick science question...
>If the LaGrange points L3, L4, L5 are at an equal distance from
>the Earth as the moon is from Earth, they share its elipse round
>the Earth. Correct, or am I missing something?
>Then if that was correct, L3 which is on the opposite side of Earth
>from the Moon would be at its closest to the Earth, when the Moon
>is at its furthest, I.E. a Full Moon. Likewise L4, and L5 would orbit
>just a little closer/further than the moon respectively, depending on
>which end of the Elipse they are in at the time. Correct?
>I'm trying to come up with Adjusted flight times for the Earth to the
>colonies, there are only 30 distances, and they are symmetrical, so
>there would only really be 15. But depending on what time you leave
>the distance between the Earth any your destination can vary up to
>37 thousand kilometers, adding hours to the trip, and probably heavy
>fuel costs.
>I'm trying to peice together a calendar of events during the one year
>war for a 0079 Gundam game, and flight times will be important.
>Thanks in advance for the help...
-Z-'s High Frontier website should answer all your questions, Paul. This is
the source I use for Gundam MUSH.

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